Serving as a Member of the Bowdoin Career Advisory Network

The Bowdoin Career Advisory Network.
Something's Telling You It's The Right Thing To Do.

Bowdoin StudentsThe Bowdoin Career Advisory Network (BCAN) is made up of Bowdoin Alumni who volunteer to be available for other Bowdoin Alumni and current Bowdoin students to share information regarding their career path, job-hunting strategies unique to their field, and other useful career related advice.

One of Bowdoin's largest alumni volunteer initiatives, BCAN is a dynamic community that allows you to share your time and expertise. Moreover, you'll be in good company; the scope of the network now includes more than 2000 alumni from nearly every state in the U.S. and many foreign countries. BCAN is also a community that exists in a number of places — as a group of volunteers in Polarnet, Bowdoin's online alumni directory, and also as a group on LinkedIn, a professional networking site.

You're Not Just Giving Professional Advice. You're Helping To Build A Better Future.

The time you give to help a Bowdoin student now could lead to great things. Everyone deserves a start — but your input will give a student a definite head start in the challenge of finding the right career. It's also very rewarding. You'll make meaningful and lasting connections with Bowdoin students and graduates, and have the satisfaction of giving something back to the College.

What You Can Expect As A Member Of The Bowdoin Career Advisory Network.

As a participant in BCAN, you may be contacted by students and other alumni to share information regarding your career path, your employer, job-hunting strategies unique to your industry, and opportunities in your field. You will be expected to keep your profile up to date in Polarnet to reflect any changes in your employment or contact information.