Bernie R. Hershberger, PhD Ohio State University, Licensed Psychologist, Director of Counseling Services and Wellness Programs

Bernie graduated from Ohio State University with a PhD in Counseling Psychology.  His primary approach to counseling is from a Buddhist psychological perspective.  He enjoys working with students with anxiety concerns – perfectionism, OCD, fears/phobias, and performance anxiety as well as questions about life after college and spiritual/existential explorations. Sports psychology consultations and hypnosis are both counseling interventions he is pleased to offer.  Personal interests include: housing renovations, meditation, reading about Buddhism, and mystery/detective novels.

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Lindsay Jacobs, Administrative Coordinator

The Administrative Coordinator is responsible for the daily running of the Counseling Center.  Assistance with scheduling an appointment or consultation, or with any questions regarding services provided at the center, should be directed to the Administrative Coordinator.

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Shelley Roseboro, MEd St. Lawrence University, LPC, Associate Director

Shelley received her MEd in Counseling/Human Development from St. Lawrence University, and her BA in History from UCLA. Her areas of interest include stress management, recovery from interpersonal trauma, identity and belonging, and depression and anxiety. She draws primarily from person centered, feminist, multicultural, and positive psychology theories, and is also certified in Holistic Health Care

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Bryan Mendiola, PsyD University of Denver, Associate Director of Group Counseling and Outreach

Bryan received his BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and his masters and doctoral degrees in Clinical Psychology from the University of Denver.  He is most drawn to working with college students on anxiety and fear-based struggles, depression and loneliness, relationship challenges, and racial, gender, sexual, and spiritual identity development.  As a practitioner of Buddhism and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Bryan has specialized training in the areas of mindfulness and meditation, values exploration, and exposure treatments, with a holistic focus on mind, body, and multicultural identity.

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Kacey Lane, PsyD George Washington University, Assistant Director of Training/Staff Clinician

Kacey earned her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from George Washington University after graduating from Bowdoin.  She enjoys working collaboratively with all students and her areas of interest include identity development, interpersonal problems, depression, and eating concerns.  Kacey also is privileged to provide supervision and training for the clinical interns on staff.  She greatly values the opportunity to help develop their clinical skills and professional identities.

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Kate Ireland, MA (PhD Candidate), Staff Clinician

Kate received her MA in Counseling Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies and is currently a PhD Candidate there in East West Psychology.  She enjoys working with students on stress and anxiety, sexuality, substance abuse, and developing sense of self.  In her work with students Kate draws from mindfulness-based therapy, Gestalt therapy, Ecopsychology, multicultural and feminist psychology.

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Megan Phillips, BA, Clinical Intern


Christine Stevens, BA, Clinical Intern


Leah Bauer, MD, Consulting Psychiatrist

Contact Lindsay Jacobs at (207) 725-3145, for any information or questions regarding services provided by Dr. Bauer.


Jeffrey Stenzel, MD, Consulting Psychiatrist

Contact Lindsay Jacobs at (207) 725-3145, for any information or questions regarding services provided by Dr. Stenzel.


Tamsen Lyons, PMHNP, Consulting Nurse Practitioner

Contact Lindsay Jacobs at (207) 725-3145, for any information or questions regarding services provided by Ms. Lyons.