Voice Recorders – The Counseling Service has digital voice recorders for students to check out. These can be used for recording meditation, guided imagery, or hypnosis scripts either in session or on your own that can then be downloaded to your personal computer or other electronic device.

Thermo Dots – The Counseling Service has adhesive thermo dots available that monitor changes in skin temperature. These can be used to aide in biofeedback work both in session and on your own if you so choose. 

Finger Thermometers - The Counseling Service has finger thermometers available for use both in and outside of session. These acutely monitor changes in skin temperature while you engage in biofeedback work. Active involvement in counseling is required to check out finger thermometers. 

Light Therapy – The Counseling Service has SAD lamps available to aide in the treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). A student must first meet with a counselor to determine whether or not the lamp is appropriate for the student's needs. Continued counseling may be suggested but is not required for use of the light therapy