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Computer Science

Wyatt Dumas '05

Progamming Languages

Programming LanguagesDuring the summer of 2004, Wyatt Dumas assisted Professor Allen Tucker in the reworking of "Programming Languages," a book that Tucker co-authored with Professor Robert Noonan of William and Mary College. This experience was made possible through a grant from the publisher, McGraw-Hill.

Wyatt performed software testing and development for a small language called "C++Lite" designed to convey the basic principles of programming language design without all the baggage of a complete language like JAVA or C++. He also learned Fortran90, Ada95, and C++ in order to show how C++ code looked in other languages and programming paradigms. In addition, Wyatt used the LaTex typesetter to write a first draft of a new section for the book on the topic of I/O and exception handling.

The website for the book is at: http://www.mhhe.com/engcs/compsci/tucker/