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Bowdoin's world championship RoboCup team, Northern Bites, was brought to life in spring 2005 in the new robotics lab located in the Searles Science Building. Formation of the team of soccer-playing robot dogs was spearheaded by Greydon Foil '05, with experience he gained in Robotics 320, taught by Computer Science Chair Eric Chown and Stephen Majercik.

Robocup TeamIn 2007 Northern Bites, won the RoboCup world championship games held in Atlanta, Ga.

The Northern Bites beat last year's champions, the NUBots, of the University of Newcastle in Australia, 5-1 to become the 2007 world champions in the four-legged robot league. The Northern Bites beat teams from Japan, China, Germany and Australia as well as the team from Carnegie Mellon University, probably the best computer science department in the world.

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In May of 2005, the team competed in the RoboCup US Open 2005, which was held at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. The competition features robotic soccer-dog teams developed by students at colleges and universities around the world. Bowdoin ended up losing its first two matches to teams from Carnegie Melon and Penn, the top two teams in the United States, then went on to earn a tie in its final match.

BremenIn 2006 the team once again competed in the US Open in Atlanta where it finished in 5th place. The tournament featured a win against a team from Brown University and another victory in a friendly against a second Brown team. The team also competed in in the world championships in Bremen Germany. In pool play Bowdoin tied the Dutch Aibo team 1-1, while losing to the eventual champions The Nubots. Bowdoin then qualified for the final 16 by beating Spelman 1-0. In the round of 16 Bowdoin started with a win over TJ-Ark of China by a score of 5-1. However, Bowdoin then fell to Penn and Dortmund to finish in a tie for 10th overall. The 2006 team was featured on Drew Carey's Sporting Adventures


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RoboCup is an international joint project to promote research in AI, robotics, computational perception and related fields. It fosters AI and intelligent robotics research by providing a set of standard problems where wide a range of technologies including perception, planning, cooperation and action must be integrated and examined.

The RoboCup US Open is an annual regional event to support RoboCup research and competition in the Americas. The US Open was first held at Carnegie Mellon in 2003, then at the University of New Orleans in 2004.

The ultimate goal of this competition, now in it's ninth year, is to develop, by 2050, a team of fully autonomous humanoid robots that is capable of defeating the human world-champion soccer team.

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This work is sponsored by the National Science Foundation, under grant number IIS-0092605.