Our Field:

Robocup FieldSize.
The playing field conforms to the Sony Four Legged Robot Football League Rule Book. It is 4000mm (157.5") wide and 5400mm (212.6") long.

The floor of the playing field is a green indoor-outdoor astroturf-like carpet. All the lines on the soccer field are drawn with white stripes of 25mm (1") in width. The circle on the midfield line has a diameter of 360mm (14.2") from the middle of the white stripe on one side to the middle of the white stripe on the other side. Cylindrical beacons are placed on the edge of the field and 1350mm (53.15") from halfway. Part C is always white. When looking from the yellow goal toward the sky-blue goal, part B of the two beacons on the right of this axis shares the color with the neighboring goal, and part A is pink. On the left side of the field, part B of the beacons is pink and part A shares the goal color. Most of the time this setup lives in the Bowdoin Robotics Lab.

The goals are 800mm (31.5") wide and the crease around the goal is 650mm (25.6") deep by 1300mm (51.2") wide. One team team defends a yellow goal, the other defends a sky-blue goal.

The Rules:

For complete rules and specifications for 2005, please see: http://www.tzi.de/4legged/pub/Website/History/Rules2005.pdf