Recent Honor Theses


  • Megan Maher - Robot Detection Using Gradient and Color Signature


  • Joshua Imhoff - RoboCup Goal Detection without Consistent Lighting Conditions or Unique Color Cues
  • Ryan Kulesza - Bowdoin Museum of Art Mobile Application Development Project


  • Ellis M. Ratner - An Infrastructure to Support Robot Learning from Human Demonstrations


  • William J. Dawson, IV - Extensible Continuous Integration Framework
  • Edward J. K.  Googins - Robust Localization with Mobile Robots
  • Richardo A.  Hopkins - Extensible Development Environment for Dataflow Diagrams
  • Elizabeth C. Mamantov - Cognitive Visuo-Spatial Reasoning for Robot Soccer Agents
  • Jesus Navarro - An Architecture for Holistic Collaborative Operating System Monitoring


  • Octavian M. Neamtu - Building a Behavior Simulator for Autonomous Robot Soccer


  • John G. Morrison - Implementing a Real-Time Hough Transform on a Mobile Robot
  • William K. Richard - Swarm-Based Pathfinding in Dynamic Environments for Search and Rescue


  • John W. Burlinson - Using Pheromones in a Swarm-Based Music Improvisation System
  • Mark R. McGranaghan - FleetDB: A Main Memory Functional Database
  • Bob P. Wei - An Investigation of Approximate Viewshed Algorithms on Regular Square Grids


  • Tucker R. Hermans - Robot Localization in the RoboCup Standard Platform League
  • Johannes H. Strom - Dynamically Balanced Omnidirectional Humanoid Robot Locomotion


  • Oliver G. Radwan - BD-SSAT: Combining Systematic and Local Search to Solve Stochastic Boolean Satisfiability Problems
  • Yi Zhuang - Map Overlay: Simple, Practical, and Scalable Approaches


  • Alec W. Berryman - Discovering Task Composition in Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning



  • Greydon T. Foil - Developing an Autonomous Robot Soccer Team at an Undergraduate Institution²
  • Thomas M. Hazel - I/O-Efficient Shortest Paths on Grid-Based Terrains
  • Jonathan R. Todd - I/O-Efficient Refinement of Triangulated Terrains



  • Byron E. Boots - Chunking: A Modified Dynamic Programming Approach to Solving Stochastic Satisfiability Problems
  • Byron E. Boots - Robot Localization and Abstract Mapping in Dynamic Environments
  • Erica L. Johnson - Recognizing Useful Advice and Using It Efficiently in a Reinforcement Learning Framework