Bowdoin Computer Science Alumni

Bowdoin’s curricular offerings in computer science prepare graduates well for further study or professional careers in teaching, industry, and financial services. Recent computer science majors have entered graduate programs at Brown, Carnegie Mellon, Dartmouth, Georgia Tech, Indiana, Michigan, Northwestern, Penn, Princeton, Stanford, Tufts, UCLA, Utah, and Washington.
Many computer science graduates have taken positions at firms such as Google, Amazon, Twitter, American Management Systems, Chase Manhattan, Goldman Sachs, ITA Software, Meditech, Coopers and Lybrand, Liberty Mutual, Sun Microsystems, and a variety of others inside and outside the technology industry. Recent graduates have also secured positions with Bay Area start-up firms including Okta and Heroku.

Other graduates have followed different short- and long- term career paths, such as the Peace Corps, medicine, law, neuroscience, physics, and music composition.

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Octavian Neamtu '12 is a Ruby on Rails developer at Annkissam. He develops systems that enable non-profits to carry out their operations.

Ben Johnson '11 is a Senior Product Manager at Raizlabs (, a mobile app development firm in Boston, MA. After building the Bowdoin Dining iPhone app during his Sophomore year and starting his own app development company (Two Fourteen Software) Junior year with Nathan Merritt '11, Ben joined Raizlabs full time after Bowdoin to focus on creating great mobile apps for clients.

Nathan Merritt '11 Since graduation, Nathan has been working in Boston at TripAdvisor LLC (, on the mobile/tablet team. He works on mobile & tablet native applications, optimized versions of the website and the RESTful API. In his spare time he works on apps with Ben Johnson '11 ( and is organizing a Fantasy Football programming competition (

Andrew Lawrence '10 is a software engineer at CA Technologies. He works for the Nimsoft brand in the Fort Collins, CO office, developing Java based agents to monitor system performance.

Nick Dunn '09 is a software engineer at Google. He works on the Google+ Analytics team in Mountain View, developing and maintaining infrastructure for analyzing Google+ traffic and behavior.

Jeremy Fishman '09 develops software at Quantcast in San Francisco, CA.  His team built out the real-time bidding platform to handle over 500K transactions per second and growing.  Lately he works on QFS and other real-time big data back-ends.

John Hall '08John Hall '08 is working as a Front End Developer / Software Engineer for, an online tee shirt design company based in McLean, Virginia.

Oliver Radwan '08 works in research at a hedge fund in southern CT.

Alec Berryman '07 works on search infrastructure software at Google's headquarters in Mountain View, California.

Mark Hendrickson '07 is a product developer who has worked for several Silicon Valley startups such as Lift and TechCrunch, having also founded, run and sold a startup called Plancast. He focuses on building and bringing new consumer technologies to market with combined backgrounds in programming, design, management, and marketing. Currently, he is a freelancer working on various projects that involve iPhone app and web development.

Matt Murchison '07 was previously Front-end Developer at Bootsoft, and is currently Technical Lead at ZocDoc. ZocDoc is a free service that allows patients to find a nearby doctor or dentist who accepts their insurance, see their real-time availability, and instantly book an appointment. Matt and his team do everything from improving ZocDoc's infrastructure so that it scales as the service grows to building rich javascript applications for its users.

Jesse Butterfield '06 is a software engineer at Quantcast. He works on machine learning algorithms for display advertising, building predictive models on petabytes of data.

Henry Work '06 is an engineer on the platforms team in Glendale, CA.  He was part of a team that completely rebuilt from the ground up, and now oversees the backend team as it expands into a more mature content management platform for Disney websites and apps.

Brendan Mortimer '06 is in graduate school for Philosophy in London.

J. Ferd Convery '06 works at NERA in New York.

Wyatt Dumas '05 worked for 3 years teaching Computer Science at Los Alamos High School in New Mexico before becoming a curriculum developer for Project Lead The Way, where he is currently working on development of a CS Principles course. PLTW serves 5,000 school districts nationwide and continues to grow every year.

Greydon Foil '05 is a PhD student at the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. He is currently focusing on space and exploration robotics, and is a member of the Field Robotics Center ( ) and the Life in the Atacama project ( atac ama/ ). He has previously worked at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory on TextureCam, an instrument in development for future space exploration missions, and is currently collaborating with the NASA Ames Research Center's Intelligent Robotics Group ( as r/intelligent-robotics/ ) under a NASA Science and Technology Research Fellowship. His research work involves the application of computer vision and machine learning to autonomous science, exploration and mapping, and natural terrain understanding.

Tom Hazel '05 is a software engineer at Google. He works on the Display Ads team in the New York City office, where he is currently focusing on targeted display ads for large publishers (NYTimes, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc).

Jon Todd '05 is a software engineer at Okta, a bay area startup building an identity platform for mobile and cloud applications trusted by companies like Box, Groupon and LinkedIn. His team focuses on platform design, high availability and secure distributed persistence.

Tom Hazel, '05
I'm in my 5th week here at Waters ( and so far it's been pretty good. My days start a little earlier than I expected (between 7:30 and 8:00) but the work is good so far. It's been a lot to learn, both in terms of computer stuff and just your general office protocol. Waters is basically a Windows shop and I've been working mostly in C# with a little C++ sprinkled in. Right now I've got a little project working with network reliability (all the different components of our systems are connected through ethernet). So right now I'm working with Microsoft's .NET sockets which isn't incredibly straightforward. (posted 2005)

Byron Boots, '03  is a Ph.D. candidate in the Machine Learning Department and a member of the SELECT Lab in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. His research spans the areas of statistical machine learning, artificial intelligence, and robotics, with a focus on system identification and reinforcement learning.

Brendan Dickinson '04 is is an associate at Canaan Partners, a $3 B venture capital firm, where he focuses on early stage investment in ecommerce, financial-tech, and digital media. Prior to Canaan, Brendan worked as a quant at Lehman Brothers & Barclays Capital after graduating from Brown University with an MS in computer science. 

Siopo Pat, '03 works for Charles River Associates in Boston.

Philip Sharp, '03 is working for CameraPlanet (, a television/film/news production company for TV documentaries.

Laura DeVincentis, '02 is a software engineer at BAE Systems Advanced Technologies in Columbia, MD, a defense contractor supporting the military and intelligence communities. She is also working on a masters in computer science at Johns Hopkins University.

Erika Leach, '02 is a captain in the Air Force.  In 2009 she earned her master’s degree in Information Resource Management from the Air Force Institute of Technology and is  stationed at Ramstein Air Base in Germany.  She manages an IT portfolio for all Air Force bases in Europe, ensuring their systems are certified and accredited for network use, and ensures compliance with federal mandates such as the Federal Information Security Management Act.

Ningning Yang, '02 is still working at Morgan Stanley, but has recently moved to their Tokyo office.

Henry Chance, '01
I am currently working for Computer Sciences Corporation in their Advanced Marine Center. We just finished up the first round of a project to simulate the interactions between large Naval cargo ships in open ocean. The purpose is to determine a range of safe operating conditions (wind & sea) for Heavy Underway Replenishment Missions. Plainly stated, we're helping the Navy in a project to transfer containers and/or large military equipment from one ship to another, while underway at sea.

Lauren Dellechiaie '01
Still at the same company I started at when I graduated, Royalblue Financial Corp, a financial software company that builds trading systems for investment banks. I currently head up a team of 4 consultants at Royal Bank of Canada in NYC. We recently completed the design & implementation of a customized trading system for the bank which was the first Canadian system our company has designed. It's challenging work, mostly because it's such a high-stress & fast paced business.

Curtis Jirsa '01
The graduate work he's pursuing is in English.

Nick Filippelli, '01 works for Dataviz Corporation in Connecticut.

Brian Glusman, '01 works for Boeing in Philadelphia.

Curtis Jirsa, '01 is attending graduate school at Cornell.

Jon Lapak, '01 works at Senior Systems, a database software company in Marlborough, MA.

Ben Oyer, '01 is in Master's program in Comp Sci at Tufts University and is living in Cambridge, MA. As part of an NSF grant Ben also works in a middle school 2 days a week, doing math lessons with computer science themes.

Marco Quina, '01 is attending law school at Boston College.

computer scienceDoug Vail, '01 is a graduate student in computer science at Carnegie Mellon University. "I'm a second year Ph.D. student in the Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University . I'm doing work with artificial intelligence and robotics. In June, I spent two weeks in Japan for Robocup 2002 , the robot soccer world championship. Yes, I really make robotic dogs play soccer for a living. Seriously. Some pictures are on my homepage". Doug's team won the world championship in its division.
RoboCup American Open '03
NSF Support Helps Start a Robot Soccer Dynasty
RoboCup-2002 Fukuoka / Busan

Eric Forbell, '00
Working at the Institute for Creative Technologies in California. Basically, we’re tasked to create a highly-immersive and highly authorable training platform. Building on some earlier work here, the environment is a 3D game engine supplemented by network services for natural language processing, external agents controlling and speaking for the game characters as well as a key “experience manager” (aka automated story director) tasked to control the narrative (and the other agents, somewhat) in order to keep the trainee on a path to experience the critical teaching objectives.

Brian Williams, '00 works for American Management Systems (AMS) in Arlington, VA

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Mason Barney, '99
I graduated Summa cum Laude from Brooklyn Law School in '05, I have spent the last year clerking for a federal judge in Brooklyn and will be starting as an associate at the law firm of Latham & Watkins in the fall. At Latham I hope to do litigation work, specifically dealing with technology companies. On a side note, I have found that a lot of the techniques and ways of thinking analytically that I learned in my CS classes at Bowdoin have really helped me as an attorney, and also several firms have been interested in me specifically b/c of my CS background.

Kevin Saxton, '99 works for Bottomline Technologies in Portsmouth, NH.

Jeanne Topalova, '99 is working for Chase Manhattan in New York.

Steve Deitz, '98 is pursuing graduate work in Computer Science at the University of Washington. This Summer he will be working at Cray Research in Wisconsin. He will be testing the performance of architectural/compiler ideas in a hypothetical implementation of a vector supercomputer.

Matt Kaplan, '98 Is a graduate student in Computer Science at the Univeristy of Utah. He and some members of his research group have had a paper entitled "Painting Textures with a Haptic Interface" accepted to the 1999 IEEE Virtual Reality Conference.

Chase Saunders, '98 is a software developer for Burgess Business Solutions in Bath, Maine.

Carl Boeing, '97, together with Bowdoin alum Alex Kanuth, run USPower Solutions, developing software for competitive energy suppliers and telecommunications companies.

Owen Samuels, '97 works for Meditech in Boston. He is an Applications Programmer working on software used by hospitals.

Michael Sherwood, '97 runs an independent software consulting company in Texas.

Han Tran, '97 is working for Coopers and Lybrand in Washington, D.C. She is in their Information Technology Strategic Planning Group. She visited Viet Nam this past Summer.

Timothy Aron, '96 received his Master's degree from the program in Computational Science and Computational Mathematics at Stanford University. He is now working at Trilogy in Austin, Texas.

Barbara Foster, '96 is a Software Developer for Stroudwater Technologies in Portland, Maine.

Andrew Lyczak, '96 is the founder of ThatQuiz (, an online math testing service for elementary school teachers. His personal web site can be found at

Aaron Olmstead, '96 is working at a startup called Adverplex that does Search Engine Marketing in Cambridge.

Darrell Porcello, '96 is beginning work on a Ph.D. in Neuroscience at Stanford University.

Sajjad Jaffer, '95 will be entering the Wharton School of Business at Penn this Fall to begin working towards an M.B.A. He is spending the summer traveling around Africa and California.

Ching-Ping Lin, '95 is in the Biomedical and Health Informatics Ph.D Program at the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle.

Anathea Powell, '95 graduated from Boston University School of Medicine in 2004. She is a general surgery resident at New York University School of Medicine. She is also currently a surgical oncology fellow in the Surgery Branch of the National Cancer Institute in the National Institutes of Health.

Derek Benner, '94 works for Perspective Technology Corp. in Vienna, Virginia. Perspective is a consulting firm specializing in software development.

Kenrick Drew, '94 received his M.S. in Computer Science from Brown University in 1996, and is now working on graphics applications in Waltham, Massachusetts.

Daniel Berwick , '93 completed his doctorate in Computer Science at the University of Michigan. He has begun working at a company called Veridian in Michigan.

Jim Carenzo, '93 works for American Management Systems in New Jersey. He is in their insurance technologies group. "I've been there for a year now and am enjoying the work, especially the variety of clients and projects. Still staying primarily technical, but get involved with some business analysis as well. I will be back for our 5th year reunion (wow!)."

Brian Davies, '93 completed the M.S. degree in Computer Science at the Institute for the Learning Sciences, Northwestern Univ. in 1995. He now works at the Institute building educational software based on artificial intelligence techniques.

Todd Haedrich, '93 is a technology analyst for Jupiter Communications, a New York City-based media research company specializing in emerging consumer online and interactive technologies.

James Harvey, '93 was a Coordinator for International Relations in Mitoya, Shimane Prefecture, Japan. He developed a web site for the town. Most recently he has taken a position as an engineer with Yahoo Finance.

Jon Hewitt, '93 is a senior programmer for Liberty Mutual Group in Portsmouth, N.H. His work concentrates on Macintosh development for client-server systems.

Josh Introne, '93 is the Assistant Professor in the Telecommunication, Information Studies and Media department at Michigan State University.

Andrew Kinley, '93 received his MS from Indiana University and is continuing 1000 ng to pursue his PhD Degree there. His area of research is in the artificial intelligence area of case-based reasoning. He is also teaching a Mac applications course to IU undergraduates.

Weihua Yan, '93 received a M.S. in Computer Science from Brown University in 1995. He recently joined Bowne Internet Solutions, a company in New York city providing high-end database driven and E-commerce web sites. He is living in Manhattan.

Peter Kazanoff, '92 is a student at the University of Chicago Law School, expecting to receive the J.D. in 1997. He will be working at a law firm in New York City this Summer.

Nils Nieuwejaar, '92 completed the Ph.D. in Computer Science at Dartmouth College in 1996. He works in the High Performance Computing group at Sun Microsystems. His research interests are in issues related to multiprocessor operating systems. site:

Jim Sabo, '92 is currently the Director of Systems Development for Technicolor Digital Cinema. His group specializes in the software and systems used to present digital films and advertising.

Andrew Appel, '91 is a Programmer Analyst for the National Association of Insurance Companies in Kansas City, MO. He provides internal support of PC's and development of database applications.

Alvin Bugbee, Jr., '91 is working for Dead River Company in Scarborough, ME, in business development. He is taking courses at the Univ. of Southern Maine towards his MBA.

Tom Cohen, '90 was a tax analyst for Fleet Bank in Boston. He is now pursuing an MBA and also an MS in MIS at Boston University. He expects to graduate in 1996.

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Scott Smith, '89 received his J.D. degree from the Boston University School of Law in May of 1996. He is Editor of the Journal of Science and Technology Law.

Andrew Palmer, '88 received the MBA from the Tuck School of Business Administration. He is the Director of Marketing for the Trilogy Development Group.

Peter J. Kester, '87 has a M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Virginia. He is a Technical Consultant at Computer Sciences Corp. in Bethesda, MD, where he is helping to design and build a cellular telephone billing system. He runs a Division III college hockey email list; to subscribe, send mail with the subject SUBSCRIBE to

Guy L. Babineau, '86 received a M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Virginia. He is the Chief Engineer for Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine, Inc. in Charlottesville, VA

Philip C. Brown, Jr., '85 is the Director of Information Technology at the Spectrum Medical Group in Scarborough, Maine, a 120 physician medical multi-specialty practice including radiology, pathology and anesthesiology specialities.

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Computer Science Majors - Beyond Bowdoin:

So - what can you do with a liberal arts degree?  Just about anything!  The question is - what do you want to do?  Options are limitless for Bowdoin Computer Science majors, as you can tell from the following. 

Destinations of Recent Graduates

2d Lieutenant U.S. Air Force
Analyst Morgan Stanley
Applications Developer Lincoln Financial Group
Associate Charles River Associates Inc.
Associate in Research Duke University Center for Cognitive Neuroscience
Consultant StreamServe
Helpdesk Specialist American Medical Systems (AMS)
IT Consultant Iteon Consulting
Macintosh Service Technician Bell Industries, Tech.logix Group
MS Digital Security Program Golden Gate University
PhD Student Genetics University of Chicago
Programmer Mass Transmit
Programmer/Analyst Computer Sciences Corporation
Senior Analyst Greylock McKinnon Associates
Software Implementation Consultant Quintel Management Consulting/ EnergyEast

Current Activities of Alums 5-7 Years Beyond Bowdoin

Analyst Putnam Investments
Analyst/Consultant American Management Systems
Attorney Foley Hoag LLP
Consultant American Management Systems
Creative Technician Merkley + Partners Interactive
Grad Student-Finance University of Miami
Implementation Specialist Royal Blue Financial Corp.
Law Student Brooklyn College School of Law
Lead Programmer Analyst Institute for Creative Technologies - USC
PhD Candidate Carnegie Mellon University
Programmer Urbana Software
Scientist Engineer Boeing Helicopters
Senior Engineer net/main infoSecurity Solutions
Teacher Kent School

Have more questions about what you can do with a Bowdoin education? Come to the Career Planning Center. First floor, Moulton Union