Department Learning Goals

A student graduating from Bowdoin with a Computer Science major will:
  1. Have critical thinking skills enabling the solution of problems by developing and analyzing algorithms.

  2. Have a variety of skills enabling the design, implementation, debugging, and testing of complex problems using a programming language.

  3. Have experience working on a large computer science project.

  4. Be able to connect the use of computer science to other disciplines and have the experience of working on at least one project that does this directly.

  5. Have a capstone experience with current research in computer science, including reading the literature, learning advanced material independently, and working on a
    research project under the supervision of a faculty member.

  6. Have experience working as part of a team.

  7. Be able to recognize, identify, and analyze the social and ethical issues that arise from the use of computer science techniques in society.

  8. Have experience presenting technical content in both oral and written form.