Computer Science Labs

To support computer science coursework and research, three laboratories are available. There are many other place to use workstations all over campus as welll.

Intro Lab

The Intro Lab is used primarily for teaching. Courses and laboratories in the introductory sequence (107, 189, 210) are usually taught in this lab. Aside from the laboratories themselves, many other course sessions are held in this lab such that students can actively participate in the learning process by working individually or in groups on small projects. The laboratory contains iMac G5s and a wide range of software and environments necessary to carry out advanced projects in computing.

First Floor Lab

Advanced Lab

he Advanced Lab is primarily used as a place specifically for Computer Science students to work. The lab contains Mac G5s and several Linux workstations. Students have 24-hour access.

advanced lab

Robotics Lab

The Robotics Lab provides an additional place for Computer Science students to work and gather. In addition to workstations (Mac and Linux) and Mac laptops, the Robotics Lab is home to 14 research-grade robots. There are two large workrooms for programming, another with an advanced bench for mechanical work, and a large main room with an emphasis on floor space to run the robots in. The main room is also outfitted with a 42 inch LCD monitor that can be used for demonstrations, monitoring the robots, or even for networked gaming. Students have 24-hour access and have found the lab to be a comfortable place to work as well as a social hub for department majors. You can learn much more about the Robotics Lab here »

Robotics Lab