Retail Merchandise and Specialty Items

bag sample

Retail merchandise is an important source of publicity for Bowdoin College. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that retail merchandise and specialty items effectively communicate the high quality standards of the institution. The Sustainability Identifier and the Bowdoin Wordmark are the common denominators in all visual expressions for the sustainability efforts on behalf of the College. They are the unifying elements among the vast array of materials to which they are applied. Following the standards for color, size & spacing, and typography (as illustratated in this document) and using the authorized artwork ensure the consistency of design and fabrication for retail merchandise. Efforts also should be made to choose the highest quality materials that can be practically afforded for retail merchandise.

sample shirt

The ideal identifier is simple, and unforgettable, even when it appears on t-shirts and bags. For merchandising purposes only the Bowdoin College Sustainability Identifier can take center stage while the Bowdoin wordmark accepts a supporting role.

Each time someone wears a t-shirt, carries a tote bag, or displays a window sticker, the Bowdoin College name and Bowdoin’s Sustainability efforts are introduced to a wider audience.