Layout and Design for Publications and Web

poster sample
Poster with Bowdoin College wordmark and Bowdoin College Sustainability Identifier. The Bowdoin wordmark should remain the dominant identifier. In this example, the diameter of the “green” circle in the identifier is the same dimension as the height of the wordmark.

Bowdoin College is one of the preeminent academic institutions in the country. The way the College communicates with its public — the quality and content of the written message – must meet the highest standards. When words are organized skillfully and combined with other graphic elements, the impact of of the message will be commanding.

The Bowdoin College Sustainability Identifier is the cornerstone of the college’s efforts to describe and identify newsworthy “green” efforts to the community and beyond. Its consistent use throughout all visual expressions is a constant, unifying element in an effective communications program for Bowdoin College. The Sustainability Identifier has been developed to serve as a symbolic “Seal of Approval.”

layout samples
  • In some instances, there is simply not enough room for the College wordmark and the Sustainability Identifier to coexist.
  • It is important allow for sufficient “white space” around the Sustainability Identifier. Never be tempted to crowd the Sustainability Identifier.

Our graphic identity - the Wordmark & the Sustainability Identifier - and the myriad items on which they appear have the ability to communicate the values of Bowdoin College through a wide variety of mediums including publications, stationery and forms, advertisements, retail merchandise, website, signs, and banners. When all of these items are well-planned, coordinated, and carefully executed, the result is a communications program that will make a positive impression on our constituents, faculty, staff, students, parents, alumni, and the general public.

Remember, please keep it simple, and “less” is oftentimes “more.”