Clear Space and Size

Minimum Clear Space 

The minimum space around the wordmark must be equal to the space (approximately 50% of the clear zonecapital letter height) indicated by the x as illustrated. The amount of space will change proportionately with the size of the wordmark. Sufficient space should always surround the wordmark. To ensure maximum impact, the wordmark should be visually separated from other elements such as text, photos, charts, and symbols. To maintain the integrity of the wordmark, it is important to keep it visually isolated from other graphic elements. If space is a problem, either reduce the amount of text or increase the size of the format; it is critical that the wordmark not be crowded.

 Wordmark Size

one inchThe recommended minimum width of the wordmark is 1” for publications and 3/4” for small space advertisements. Conversely, too large a wordmark will compete with, and detract from, the content (words and pictures) of a publication.