Improper Use

The success of the Bowdoin College wordmark depends upon faithful adherence to design standards. 

When used consistently over time, the wordmark will instantly identify a publication, sign, or merchandise as an official communication from Bowdoin College. 

Following are some examples of what should NOT be done with the wordmark; over time these uses would degrade the impact of the wordmark:

Do not stretch the wordmark

stretched box

Do not tint the wordmark

tinted mark

Do not alter any part of the wordmark;

Never add symbols to the wordmark

altered mark

Do not add unauthorized words or typefaces;

Do not violate the minimum clear space requirements

added text

Do not use on an interfering background


Do not use unauthorized colors

unauthorized color

Do not change the letterspacing of the wordmark

spacey mark

Do not add color to the wordmark

unauthorized in a box