Bowdoin Wordmark Standards

About the Bowdoin Wordmark

The wordmark’s simple design ensures ease of implementation, ability to appear in a variety of sizes, and flexibility to function in a wide range of applications. The wordmark is not a title or a headline; it is a graphic element—a stamp—that identifies Bowdoin College. Used with confidence and consistency, the wordmark will function as the identifier of our institution.

Bowdoin vs. Bowdoin College

The decision to omit the word College from the Bowdoin wordmark was deliberate and practical. As a wordmark with only seven characters, it will appear larger and remain legible, even in the smallest applications. This decision relates exclusively to the wordmark, and in no way implies that the word College is unnecessary. Rather, titles and text in publications, promotional materials, advertising, and other expressions should use the full Bowdoin College name as appropriate.


The cornerstone of the identification program for Bowdoin College is the wordmark. The two primary wordmarks are illustrated on this page. 

The development of the wordmark began with the typeface Mrs. Eaves, which is a modern adaptation of Baskerville, a classic typeface developed in England ca. 1750.
ligature diagram
The stroke width of the letter forms was modified and refined, and an "in" ligature was created.  Letter spacing has been adjusted on each version of the wordmark.

Primary Wordmark

The Black Box Wordmark is recommended for use in publications because it stands out from competing content.


Primary Wordmark—No Box

For non-publication use, or for single, non-black, one-color publications.

wordmark no box