Bowdoin Wordmark Standards

Reproduction from Authorized Artwork

To ensure proper reproduction, use only authorized artwork supplied by the Office of Communications and Public Affairs. Digital artwork is available in positive and negative and in a range of common sizes. For certain applications, artwork is available as reproduction sheets (slicks). To request reproduction sheets, e-mail

Laser printouts, photocopies, or faxes of the digital files are not an acceptable form of authorized artwork. When reproducing the Bowdoin College wordmark, always use the approved artwork. For intermediate sizes not available on the authorized files or slicks, contact Andrea Richards in the Office of Communications and Public Affairs.

Do Not Type the Wordmark

Under no circumstances should the wordmark be recreated on the keyboard. Though typing the word “Bowdoin” may produce a result similar to the wordmark, it is not an acceptable solution, and will undermine the purpose and effectiveness of Bowdoin’s graphic design standards program. The wordmark may be reproduced only from authorized artwork. Digital files are available through the Office of Communications and Public Affairs.