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Poster Guidelines and Pricing

Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks for production.

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New Design and Printing

  • Size: 11x17
  • Finish: Coated, glossy
  • Paper type: Heavy weight paper
  • Design cost: $300-$500 approx.
  • Printing cost (quantity 50): $100 approx.
Sample of poster showing new design

Template Design and Printing

  • Size: 11x17
  • Finish: Uncoated
  • Paper type: 60#
  • Design cost: free of charge, but limited design selection
  • Printing cost: $0.50 per copy
Sample of poster designed with template.

We can also work within your budget to do a combination of the options above

(e.g. Use template design but have posters professionally printed or new design but print at campus copy center.)

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To submit a digital image, please send artwork/image in a separate e-mail with attachment (image resolution must be 300dpi, JPEG or TIFF format preferred) to We cannot accept images pulled from the Web as they are often too low in resolution for use in print.