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Coastal Studies Center

Wendy Norden: Marine Invasive Species Monitoring Project

Research Team: Wendy Norden and Doug McNaught
Spring-Summer 2009

Research Project Abstract: Researcher from the University of Maine at Machias hung larval collectors from the floating docks at the Coastal Studies Center as part of a state-wide Marine Invasive Species Minitorin Project. Professors Norden and Mcnaught outfitted PVC tubes with sponges inside to collect marine invertebrates from coastal locations throughout the state. The project is gathering information tolearn more about displacement of native species by invasive species, which can have wide-ranging impacts on marine bioldiversity and local economies. Norden and McNaught presetned the project results from summer 2009 at the International Marine Invasives Conference in Woods Hole, MA, April 2010. >poster