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Coastal Studies Center

Recent Projects

The Coastal Studies Center seeks to support, encourage, and inspire research and creative projects broadly related to coastal studies undertaken by Bowdoin students and faculty. Beyond it's mission to support Bowdoin academic courses, research, or creative projects that study the natural world at the Thalheimer property, the Coastal Studies Center seeks to foster interactions and collaborative projects with other broadly similar entities such as colleges, universities, field stations, and museums. In this context, the Coastal Studies Center seeks to foster limited use of its facilities by visiting researchers, scholars, small academic courses and small academic conferences focusing on topics either broadly related to coastal studies or that studies the natural world at the Thalheimer property. The following list catalogues recent visiting users and researchers of the Coastal Studies Center facilities.

  • Research team: Heather Leslie, Marcy Cockrell, Bridgette Black, Caitlin Brisson and Lauren Watka, Brown University
    Project title: Rocky shore responses to multiple stressors
  • Research team: Diane Lee, Seth Ramus, Annie Huyler, Bri Vaughan, Ricca Gardner and Kristn Drumheller
    Project title: Season Influences on Neurogenesis
  • Research team: Jonathan Allen, Jill Dixon, Cara Carne and Amanda Santoni
    Project title: Faculty and student research at the marine lab, summer 2009
  • Research team: Scott Santagata
    Project title: Preservation of larvae of several species of bryozoans to investigate the expression of conserved developmental genes involved in the specification of neuronal cell types   
  • Research team: Wendy Norden, and Doug McNaught
    Project title: Marine Invasive Species Monitoring Project