Location: Bowdoin / Coastal Studies Center / Student Research / Summer 2011 / Keith Heyde, '11

Coastal Studies Center

Keith Heyde, '11

Advisor: Mary Lou Zeeman, Award: Hughes Family Summer Research Grant
Project: Modeling population dynamics in linked carbon sequestration and hydrogen production systems


Keith researched algae based carbon sequestration and energy producing systems. Specifically, he looked at algae population dynamics and how this algae population can be used as a potential energy source. He based his research around the question: Would it be worthwhile to establish an algae filtration system atop Bowdoin’s heating plant? He tested three different algal species (botryococcus braunii, dunaliella tertiolecta, nannochloropsis oculata) and measured how their population dynamics were affected by numerous constraints such as light, gas residence time and nutrient loadings. The results will indicate how affective these species are at absorbing carbon. Additionally, his research involved testing and calculating how much energy can be derived from these algal species. All three are potential biofuel candidates as well as being potential feedstocks for hydrogen producing bacterium. The amount of biofuel or hydrogen gas produced will be analyzed to determine which is the more energy efficient process. The end results will give a cursory analysis and suggestion as to whether or not developing a linked, algae based, filtering and energy producing system is a worthwhile venture for Bowdoin College.

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