Location: Bowdoin / Coastal Studies Center / Student Research / Summer 2011 / Gina Lonati '12

Coastal Studies Center

Gina Lonati '12


Advisor: Amy Johnson, Award: Doherty Fellowship
Project: Using the green sea urchin, Stronglyocentrotus, as an environemntal indicator on its response to global climate change

The metabolism of marine ectotherms, such as sea urchins, depends on the temperature of the seawater. Thus, increases in ocean temperatures associated with global climate change will alter ectotherms’ metabolism, growth, reproduction, dispersal, and longevity. Determining the consequences of climate change on the growth of this sea urchin will contribute to the understanding of the consequences to marine calcifiers in general as well as to the sea urchin fishery specifically. The goals of my study are to establish the techniques that will allow us to recapture and identify urchins released into the field, to quantify their growth, and to compare their growth to that of urchins grown under laboratory conditions of controlled temperature and pH.  

Pecha Kucha

These presentations are in PechaKucha format. PechaKucha is Japanese for ‘chit-chat’. It is a presentation methodology devised in 2003 in which 20 slides are shown for 20 seconds each. The slides auto advance to keep the presentations concise and quick paced. Each presentation is (about) 6 minutes and 40 seconds long.
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