Location: Bowdoin / Coastal Studies Center / Student Research / Summer 2011 / Bess Carter, '13

Coastal Studies Center

Bess Carter, '13

Advisor: Anne Hayden and Dewitt John, Award: Rusack Fellowship
Project: Analyzing the role of NGOs in creating fisheries policies that proect the socio-economic interests of coastal communities while stabilizing fish populations2011-besscarter.jpg

New England fisheries have a turbulent history of overfishing and ineffective regulations. Since the 1990s, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have begun to play an active role in trying to influence fisheries management and policy. Local, regional and national groups have all played roles in protecting fisheries, often through techniques such as lawsuits, permit acquisition, and participation in fisheries management councils. By looking at the evolution of NGO involvement in fisheries politics and interviewing representatives of several different fisheries NGOs, Bess evaluated past NGO contributions to policies employed in different industries, such as lobstering and groundfishing, and analyzed the many different strategies NGOs have used to help shape different fisheries over the years.  

Pecha Kucha

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