Location: Bowdoin / Coastal Studies Center / Student Research / Summer Research 2008

Coastal Studies Center

Summer 2008

Listed below: Student, Project, Advisor, and Fellowship

Alexandra Bassett '09
The Coastal Resource: A Scientifically Oriented Visual Study
James Mullen

Annie Hancock '10
Squirrel Point Light: the Restoration of Maine's Built Environment
Wiebke Theodore

Alexa Kaubris '09
From Hills to Coast: Our Androscoggin
DeWitt John

Wallace McFarlane '09
In the Shadow of the Clean Water Act:  Environmental Regulation and Local Knowledge in the Androscoggin River and Merrymeeting Bay
Matt Klingle

Jessica McGreehan '08
On a Boat that is Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place:  An Exploration of Women's Experiences in the Maritime Industry
Nancy Riley

James Anderson '10
A survey of aquatic invertebrates in Merrymeeting Bay and their relationship to submerged aquatic vegetation
John Lichter

Elizabeth Barton '09
The Characterization of Truncated and Modified Orcokinin Neuropeptides in the tissues from the American Lobster, Homarus americanus
Beth Stemmler

Nicholas Crawford '09
Exploring Androscoggin Lake's Outlet Delta System
Peter Lea

Rachel Dicker '09
Egg capsule distribution in Nucella lapillus as a strategic maternal investment
John Allen

Isaac Irby '09
Design and construction of a deep marine porewater sampler from measuring chemical gradients in iron microbial mats
Clara Chan

Drew Trafton '10
Trophic Web Structure and Anadromous Fish Distributions in Merrymeeting Bay
John Lichter

2008 student fellows