Coastal Studies Pier and Dock

Pier Project

The Bowdoin College Coastal Studies Center is committed to creating opportunities for students and faculty that advance discovery while promoting teaching, training and learning from a range of scientific disciplinary perspectives. The pier helps realize this commitment in three important ways. The pier greatly increases the opportunities Bowdoin students have to engage in marine science by expanding areas of inquiry beyond the bounds of the property to the surrounding waters of Casco Bay and the Gulf of Maine. This allows students and faculty for example to engage in a range of on-going and planned projects including sea urchin growth experiments, invasive species research, blue mussel toxicology, marine glaciology and water quality studies, and coastal archaeology.

The pier also benefits visiting scientists and courses that use the Coastal Studies Center and serves as a catalyst for creating collaborations with other institutions. For example, the pier enhances partnerships with Bigelow Laboratory of Ocean Sciences and St Joseph’s College around the Bowdoin Bouy Facility in Harpswell Sound. Access to the ocean enriches our support for hands-on research, education and training that are so crucial to preparing students for advanced degrees in the sciences. (For information about the GoMoos buoys and the Bowdoin Buoy in particular, click here and then click on 'BOW'.)

This project was made possible through generous financial support from Geoff Rusack (‘78) and Alison Wrigley Rusack, and the National Science Foundation. Many thanks also go to Bowdoin’s Facility Department staff including Greg Hogan, (project manager) Don Borkowski, Don Brown, and CSC caretaker for Mark Murray, for overseeing all the details of the project.

Earth and Oceanographic Studies class
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