Dock User Guidelines

The Dock at the Schiller Coastal Studies Center serves the research activities of faculty, students and staff of Bowdoin College. It is not intended for recreational use.



Access to the dock is via a walkway located on the west side of the marine lab. No motorized vehicles are allowed past the entrance to the lab. There is a handicap accessible ramp located on the north end of the walkway.


The dock is accessible by vessels that draw less than 5ft of water and 32 feet in length or smaller. Engines should be turned off while boats are tied up. Lines should be coiled and out of the way of foot traffic.


To access the dock, there is limited parking around the marine lab. There are two designated spaces on the hill just southeast of the lab (next to the propane tank). There is also room for two cars in the fire engine turn around adjacent to the parking area. The area immediately in front of the lab is for picking up and dropping off equipment. The driveway is a fire lane and must remain clear of parked cars. For overflow parking there is a designated parking area next to the barn and by the kiosk. Faculty must reinforce parking rules to their students.

Boat users: Please drop your keys in the designated drop box when you head out on the water in case your car needs to be moved. The drop box will be located inside the storage area on the marine lab deck.

Float Use

There is no overnight dockage except by previous arrangement.
Bailing is the responsibility of the primary boat user.
There are no gasoline facilities or manual fueling allowed on the dock.
Use of center “pool” (donut hole) is for in situ experiments and equipment calibration.
The two 20’ long floats will be hauled in the late fall for winter storage and return in the early spring for usage.

Gear and Equipment Storage

In season-A storage area for boat users will be located in the north end (dock side) of the Marine lab for gear and equipment.
No fuel containers can be stored on site.
Off-season-Equipment can be stored in the garage and barn.
There is limited storage available for research gear- contact CSC caretaker for space requirements. Outboard motors should be serviced and stored by local businesses.


The pump house located on the shore side of the dock is for use only by Facilities Management crew.

The intake lines for the marine lab are located on lower pier. This area is restricted to facilities maintenance staff only.


Researchers, faculty and students need to contact Amy Johnson (ajohnson, X3026) if they need to reserve workspace in the marine lab.

The marine lab bathroom facilities and shower are open for dock users. If students or faculty anticipate regular use of these facilities, they can contact Rosemary Armstrong (rarmstro, 3026) for key access.


Storage area will be secured with a combination lock.

Report thefts directly to Campus Security ext 3314.