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Coastal Studies Center

Oceans and Atmospheres

Courses in this group encompasse the physical, chemical, biological, anthropological, and economic aspects of the liquid earth. Courses in this cluster focus on the open ocean (neritic and oceanic zones). Major themes include management and conservation of natural resources, and ocean-atmosphere interactions with respect to climate change.

EOS/Environmental Studies 102a. INS. Intro to Oceanography. Collin Roesler.

EOS/Environmental Studies 267a. INS. Coastal Oceanography. Edward Laine.

EOS/Environmental Studies 270a. Landscapes and Global Change.
Peter Lea.

EOS/Environmental Studies 282a. MSCR. INS. Oceans and Climate. Collin Roesler.

EOS/Environmental Studies 287a. Poles Apart: A Comparison of Arctic and Antarctic Environments. Collin Roesler.

Physics/EOS 257/Environmental Studies 253a. Atmospheric & Ocean Dynamics. Mark Battle.

Physics/EOS/Environmental Studies 357a. Physics of Climate.
Mark Battle.