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Coastal Studies Center

The Maine Coast

This cluster includes courses that examine the ecology/habitats, environment, peoples, places/communities, and vistas/landscapes of the Maine coast through lenses in the humanities, sciences, and social sciences: Anthropology, Biology, English, Environmental Studies, Government and Policy, History, Sociology, and Visual Arts.

Biology/Environmental Studies 154a. Ecology of the Gulf of Maine and Bay of Fundy. Damon Gannon.

Biology/Environmental Studies 394a. Ecology and Environmental History of Merrymeeting Bay. John Lichter.

Biology/Environmental Studies 397a. Advanced Winter Field Ecology. Nathaniel Wheelwright.

Environmental Studies 391. Troubled Waters: Fishing in the Gulf of Maine. Anne Hayden.

EOS/Environmental Studies 103a. INS. Marine Environmental Geology. Edward Laine.

History/Environmental Studies 247c. Maine: A Community and Environmental History. Sarah McMahon.

Visual Arts 272c. Landscape Painting. James Mullen.