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Coastal Studies Center


The College's location on the coast of Maine affords distinct opportunities for students to study the complexities of coastal landscapes and seascapes. While the College does not offer a formal curriculum devoted to coastal studies, students can take courses focused on coastal issues in a variety of departments and programs. Coastal Studies Course Clusters are intended to provide guidance to students and faculty advisers about courses that explore particular issues or themes and help to merge study of the coast into existing majors, with links to Arctic Studies (AS), Environmental Studies (ES) and * Earth and Oceanographic Science (EOS).
Many of the courses take advantage of facilities located at the Coastal Studies Center on Orr's Island, the Bowdoin Scientific Station on Kent Island in the Bay of Fundy, and a variety of other coastal locations.

Students are also encouraged to apply for coastal studies fellowships, and to explore opportunities for independent research and honors projects with a faculty adviser.

* Please note that this is a sample of courses and categories. New courses are added each semester, please consult departmental and program course offerings for up-to-date offerings. 

Bowdoin Geology 100 Fieldwork

  Environmental Geology and Hydrology Field Trip - 2009

* The Earth and Oceanographic Science (EOS) major, formerly Geology is an interdisciplinary investigation of earth and ocean processes, as well as the interactions among components of the Earth system.