Bowdoin Marine Science Semester: Food Housing and Social Life

Student field trip on the Schooner Bowdoin, Fall 2014

Bowdoin Marine Science Semester students, Fall 2016 conducting ressearch on the Ira C

Students participating in the Marine Science Semester live on the main Bowdoin campus, eleven miles from the Schiller Coastal Studies Center and travel by shuttle to and from the Schiller Coastal Studies Center Monday-Friday. Classes, labs, and local field trips will generally run Monday-Thursday from 9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m., with a few exceptions in morning arrival or afternoon departure for tides. Fridays are flexible, for example students can work on independent research projects, use the time for more exploration of the environments and facilities of the Schiller Coastal Studies Center, or have a campus day for clubs and other activities.

Lunch and snacks will be provided by Bowdoin dining.

Bowdoin Marine Science Semester (BMSS) students are fully integrated into the campus life of the college, including athletics, student activities and clubs, career planning, and a very full calendar of co-curricular events. In addition, students participating in the BMSS also have opportunities for 3-4 day field trips in the Gulf of Maine, including a mussel research project on Hurricane Island, and sampling from the schooner Bowdoin, as well as a 10-day tropical field trip to Baja, California.

With regard to housing, an inclusive and dynamic living community is a central element of the Bowdoin experience. The Office of Residential Life, guided by the Values of a Learning Community, oversees the on-campus residential community. This campus environment allows residents to explore their intellectual and extracurricular passions to the fullest and form incredible friendships. The College Houses unite the social and intellectual spheres of student life, while the first-year "bricks" are robust microcosms of new student energy and excitement. Student-designed programs, intramural sports, and special events like Dinner with Six Strangers also serve to bring faculty, staff, students and community members together. Housing options at Bowdoin include: 8 First-year Residence Halls, 8 Upperclass College Houses, 6 Upperclass Residence Halls, and 5 Upperclass College Apartments.