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Coastal Policy and Management

This collection of courses examines the use of coastal and marine environments and the resources they contain, and the interplay between human activity and natural biophysical processes.  The key goals of this cluster are to better understand the institutions and rule-making processes, or governance, in coastal and marine environments; to assess outcomes along a variety of dimensions (economic benefits over time, distributional effects, biological resilience and sustainability, etc.); and to explore different regulatory mechanisms and/or other solutions to any problems that arise. Some courses provide a broadly applicable treatment of these themes, while others rely more heavily on the Gulf of Maine as a case study.

Economics/Environmental Studies 228b. MCSR. Natural Resource Economics and Policy. Guillermo Herrera.

Economics/Environmental Studies 318b. Environmental and Resource Economics. Guillermo Herrera.

Environmental Studies 101. Intro to Environmental Studies. DeWitt John, Lawrence Simon and Dharni Vasudevan.

Environmental Studies 240b. Environmental Law and Policy. Conrad Schneider.

Environmental Studies 391. Troubled Waters: Fishing in the Gulf of Maine.
Anne Hayden.