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Coastal Physical Processes- Solid Earth

The Physical Processes courses examine the earth system processes that shape the coastal environment and its geological framework. Modern and ancient coastal zones are studied. The major theme is the interconnectedness of biological, chemical, geological, and physical processes in the coastal environment. Local, Gulf of Maine, and global scale perspectives are all emphasized.

EOS/Environmental Studies 100a. INS.
Environmental Geology and Hydrology. Peter Lea.

EOS 101a. INS. Investigating Earth. Rachel Beane.

EOS/Environmental Studies 102a. INS. Introduction to Oceanography. Collin Roesler.

EOS/Environmental Studies 103a. INS. Marine Environmental Geology.
Edward Laine.

EOS 220a. INS. Sedimentary Geology. Peter Lea.

EOS 241a. INS. Structural GeologyRachel Beane.