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Coastal and Marine Organismal Biology

Coastal organisms encounter diverse ecophysiological challenges, including those experienced by marine creatures living at the terrestrial edge, terrestrial creatures living at the marine edge and subtidal creatures dealing with the challenges of an ocean existence. Faculty at the college study and teach courses in a wide range of areas that examine these creatures and the challenges they face. There are opportunities to study them in the marine lab and field sites at the Coastal Studies Center, at Bowdoin's Scientific Station on Kent Island, at diverse field locations along the coast and in the research laboratories of Druckenmiller Hall.

Biology 214a. MCSR, INS. Comparative Physiology. Patsy Dickinson.

Biology 217a. MCRS, INS. Developmental Biology. William Jackman.

Biology/Environmental Studies  219a. MCSR, INS. Biology of Marine Organisms. Amy Johnson.

Biology/Environmental Studies 271a. Biology of Marine Mammals. MSCR, INS. Damon Gannon.

Biology/Environmental Studies 274a. MCSR, INS. Marine Conservation Biology. Damon Gannon.