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Coastal Studies Center

Coastal Ecology and Evolution

This grouping includes courses that specifically cover current issues in the ecology of coastal ecosystems and evolution of marine and estuarine organisms along with general courses that introduce principles of ecology and evolution that are broadly applicable to coasts. Major themes include intertidal, marine, estuarine, and island ecology and conservation, and the interaction between human communities neighboring coasts and the natural resources on which they depend. Ecological topics cut across scales from organisms to communities and ecosystems. 

Biology/Environmental Studies 215a. MCSR,INS. Behavioral Ecology & Population Biology. Nathaniel Wheelwright.

Biology/Environmental Studies  219a. MCSR, INS. Biology of Marine Organisms. Amy Johnson.

Biology/Environmental Studies 274a. MCSR, INS. Marine Conservation Biology. Damon Gannon.

Biology/Environmental Studies 394a. Ecology and Environmental History of Merrymeeting Bay. John Lichter