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Coastal Biogeochemistry

These courses examine the coast in the context of Earth system processes, emphasizing linkages between the physical and living world. Topics include the two major themes of energy flow and material cycles, soil development and constraints on ecosystems, primary production and decomposition, microbial ecology and nutrient transformations, ecosystems as a component of the Earth system, and global change. Major ecosystem types are analyzed, including terrestrial, wetland, lake, river, estuary, and marine systems.

Environmental Studies 201a./Biology 158a./Chemistry 105a.MCSR, INS.
Perspectives in Environmental Science. John Lichter, Dharni Vasudevan.

Environmental Studies/Biology/EOS 302a. Earth Climate History and it's impacts on Ecosystems and Human Civilizations. Phil Camill

EOS/Environmental Studies 103a. INS. Marine & Environmental Geology. Edward Laine.

EOS/Environmental Studies 200a. Biogeochemistry: An analysis of Global Change. MSCR, INS.
Phil Camill.

EOS/Environmental Studies 267a. INS. Coastal Oceanography. Edward Laine.

EOS/Environmental Studies 282a.MCSR, INS. Oceans and Climate. Collin Roesler. Oceans cover more than