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The Arctic Coast

These courses explore cultural, social, and environmental issues involving arctic coast, lands, and peoples. Bowdoin also has a concentration in Arctic studies, offered through the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, and the Department of Earth and Oceanographic Science, and a coordinate major in Environmental Studies.

Anthropology/Environmental Studies 266b. Find a Way or Make One: Arctic Exploration in Cultural, Historical, and Envrionmental Context. Susan Kaplan

Anthropology/Environmental Studies 272b. ESD, IP. The Right to be Cold: Contemporary Arctic Environmental and Curtural Issues. Susan A. Kaplan and Shelia Watt-Cloutier.

Anthropology/Environmental Studies 312b. Cultures Weathering Environmental Change. Susan Kaplan.

Environmental Studies/Biology 327a. Global Change Ecology. Phil Camill.

EOS/Environmental Studies 200a. Biogeochemistry: An analysis of Global Change. MSCR, INS. Phil Camill.

EOS/Environmental Studies 287a. Poles Apart: A Comparison of Arctic and Antarctic Environments. Collin Roesler.

Sociology/Anthropology/Environmental Studies 231b. Native People's and Cultures of Arctic America.  Susan Kaplan