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Ethnic Identity and Imperial Stability in the Histories of Tacitus

Ethnic Identity and Imperial Stability in the Histories of Tacitus

November 15, 20124:30 PM – 6:00 PM
Searles Science Building, Room 315

The Classics Department presents a lecture by Jonathan Master, Assistant Professor of classics at Emory University. His diverse research interests include roman historiography, post-Augustan Latin, and ancient ethnography. His talk, "Ethnic Identity and Imperial Stability in the Histories of Tacitus" explores the role that non-ethnically Roman subjects of the Empire play in starting and continuing the civil wars of AD 69.  

Sponsorship provided by the Jacob Jasper Stahl Lectureship Fund and the Departments of Classics and History.

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Lecture: "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Ancient Magic: Early Christian Accounts of Demons, Sorcerers, and the Occult"

November 27, 20125:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Visual Arts Center, Beam Classroom

The Classics Department presents a lecture by Brian Sowers, assistant professor of classics at Brooklyn College, who is one of the few scholars working on gender and education in Late Antiquity. As such, Dr. Sowers is one of the leading experts in the field of literature and history in this time of transition between the Roman and Christian world, its past and current state, and the future directions of study. His research, which draws primarily upon literary evidence, reveals historical insight into the personalities associated with the early Christian Empire.

This lecture affords the community the opportunity to reconnect with history and classics on a general interest level, but also to learn about new research occurring in the early state of Christianity. For example, Dr. Sowers's research into the intricacies of early Christianity has revealed the deeply entrenched role of magic within religious ritual, an anomaly that our modern understanding of Christian ritual omits.

Sponsored by the Jacob Jasper Stahl lectureship fund, the Classics Department, and the Religion Department.

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