Fall 2011 Courses

010. Cultural Difference and the Crime Film
Patricia Welsch T 2:30 - 3:55, TH 2:30 - 3:55
Considers the gangster film in depth, and explores how popular narrative film has managed the threat posed by the criminal's difference—racial, ethnic, or gender—over time. Examines shifts in the genre's popularity from the silent era to the present day, theories of generic change, and the implications of considering genre entertainment art. Attendance at weekly evening screenings is required.
201. History of Film I, 1895 to 1935
Patricia Welsch T 11:30 - 12:55, TH 11:30 - 12:55
Examines the development of film from its origins to the American studio era. Includes early work by the Lumières, Méliès, and Porter, and continues with Griffith, Murnau, Eisenstein, Chaplin, Keaton, Stroheim, Pudovkin, Lang, Renoir, and von Sternberg. Special attention is paid to the practical and theoretical concerns over the coming of sound. Attendance at weekly evening screenings is required.