Location: Bowdoin / Cinema Studies / Courses / Fall 2009

Cinema Studies

Fall 2009

201. History of Film I, 1895 to 1935
Patricia Welsch T 11:30 - 12:55, TH 11:30 - 12:55 Sills-Smith Auditorium
Examines the development of film from its origins to the American studio era. Includes early work by the Lumières, Méliès, and Porter, and continues with Griffith, Murnau, Eisenstein, Chaplin, Keaton, Stroheim, Pudovkin, Lang, Renoir, and von Sternberg. Special attention is paid to the practical and theoretical concerns over the coming of sound. Attendance at weekly evening screenings is required.

261. Gender, Film, and Consumer Culture
Jennifer Scanlon T 2:30 - 3:55, TH 2:30 - 3:55 Banister-106
How do we spend money, and why? Examines the relationship between gender and consumer culture over the course of the twentieth century. Explores women’s and men’s relationships to consumer culture in a variety of contexts: the heterosexual household, the bachelor pad, the gay-friendly urban cafeteria, the advertising agency, and the department store. Also explores the ways in which Hollywood films, from the 1930s to the present, have both furthered and complicated gendered notions about the consumption of goods.

321. German Expressionism and Its Legacy
Patricia Welsch T 2:30 - 3:55, TH 2:30 - 3:55 Sills-107
Considers the flowering of German cinema during the Weimar Republic and its enormous impact on American film. Examines work produced in Germany from 1919 to 1933, the films made by German expatriates in Hollywood after Hitler’s rise to power, and the wide influence of the expressionist tradition in the following decades. Attendance at weekly evening screenings is required.