Psych Interns

The Children’s Center at Bowdoin College works in collaboration with the Psychology Department here at the college through PSYCH 210 which is titled Infant and Child Development. This collaboration happens each semester and the students who are enrolled in this course can choose to also do an internship here at the center. Students sign up for a weekly, 2 hour time slot to observe in either the Older Toddler or Preschool Rooms. These observations are used in their course work. The psych interns are primarily observers in the room but do work with the educators and support the classroom where appropriate. They are not left alone with children but come every week for the entire semester and become a part of the classroom community.

The Director or Associate Director work closely with the professor of the course to organize and supervise the interns each semester. You can contact the psych department or the Children's Center for more information about this.

Martha Eshoo, Director: 798-7107

Anne Adams, Associate Director: 798-7106 

Fall 2018 Internships will be running from September 5th through December 7th

Click here for the students interning in the Older Toddler and Preschool Programs this fall!