Student Employment

The Children’s Center uses Bowdoin student employees to support our work with children. There are minimal spaces for student employees and the schedules are done at the beginning of each semester. In order to offer as much continuity of care as possible we offer open positions to returning student employees. We look to student employees to support the educators in the classroom by prepping snack, caring for snack clean up, assist with children during transitions, read and sing with children and any other duties that educators feel can support their work. Initially student employees are not left alone with children. After a student has been working with us for a year and has had all the necessary training, their status can change to ‘a teacher qualified’ student employee. These students can be alone with small groups of children for short periods of time but are still under the supervision of the classroom educators. The educators will be the student employees’ supervisor in the classrooms and will work with each student so they can be successful in the childcare setting. The associate director, Anne Adams, is the primary supervisor of these employees and can be contacted at the information below for more information about student employees.

At this time there are no open positions at the center. When there are they will be posted here on this site as well as on the Bowdoin Student Employee Website.

Anne Adams, Associate Director