BCCC hopes that this resources section of the handbook will aid families, both enrolled and in our greater community. Our handbook and other resources specific to our center can be found under the family handbook tab to the left while the reading list and articles will be helpful for any young family or early childhood educator. Often this recommended literature is what our team is using currently to guide our practice and many of the books are owned by the center. If you are an enrolled family interested in borrowing one, feel free to stop in the office.

Local Community Resources

Use the link below to access a list of local community resources. The list contains resources that could be helpful in accessing child or family counceling services, special education services, pediatricians, dentists, etc. If there is something you are looking for specifically that is not on the list feel free to give us a call for more information.

Community Resource List

Presentations from BCCC

Childhood & Nature: BCCC Prepares to Deepen Our Commitment to Outdoor Play by Anne Brooks

This presentation is offered to prepare staff and parents for our Site Visit from Rusty Keeler. BCCC will be working to build a natural playscape and build a greater understanding of our children's relationship with nature. Click here to view slideshow.

Introduction to Pikler Approach by Anne Brooks

This presentation was offered to parents as a display early in the 13-14 school year. It is an overview of the Pikler Approach and how it is being implemented here at BCCC. See presentation here.

Differing Perspectives on Play by Martha Eshoo

This presentation was offered to BCCC staff as a part of this year's professional development plan. It was followed by discussion on how to intergrate diverse perspectives on play in our work here at the center. See presentation here.

NAEYC Re-Accreditation Overview by Anne Brooks

This presentation was requested by our NAEYC Parent Committee and is currently on display at BCCC. It provides information about the re-accreditation process that we have been going through for the past year. See presentation here.

The Importance of Nature & Outdoor Play for Young Children by Heidi Jackson

This presenation was created by our Young Toddler Co-lead Educator, Heidi Jackson last summer. It speaks to the importance of outdoor play and why it is such an integral part of BCCC's curriculum. See presentation here.

Feeding Our Children by Martha Eshoo

This is the slideshow presentation that was used during a recent parent discussion about how we feed our young children, differing cultural perspectives and our practices here in a group setting. See Slideshow Presentation Here.