Enrollment Policy

Access to the Center & Program Information

  • Families are invited on the first Saturday of November to the annual Open House, to tour the Center and meet staff. They have the opportunity to gather information in discussions with the director at this time.
  • Parents who are applying to the Center are invited to visit the website and read the materials available about the programs, our practices, and articles on the Resources Tab.
  • Once a family is offered a spot in the program, they may have a tour of the Center and meet with the director to discuss their child's placement. These visits are offered well in advance of a contract being signed.

Applying & Wait List Management

  • All families interested in enrolling in the Center will complete an application and forward it to us with a check for $25. This secures a spot in the applicant pool/waiting list and puts your name on our mailing list to receive regular updates.
  • Bowdoin benefit eligible employees are considered "Bowdoin Employees". All other Bowdoin employees and non-employees are considered "Community Members". Bowdoin employees may apply for child care as early as 8 months prior to the birth of their child and will be considered on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Each family who applies to the infant program is placed in an "applicant pool" as this group is not organized until March 1 of the enrollment period. After infants are enrolled, the waitlist is established in the order we received applications and their priority status.
  • Younger siblings have enrollment priority when their older sibling will attend during the same year.
  • If a family leaves Bowdoin employment they complete the contracted year of care and move to a priority spot on the community wait list. If a community member leaves after one year and wants to return to care, they move to a priority community spot as well.


  • The year at the Children's Center runs from August - August in sync with the academic calendar. We are in session for the full year with the exception of one week in August and some of the major holidays (when classes are not in session).
  • The Enrollment period begins on March 1st for the upcoming year beginning in August.
  • Priority is given to full time* over part time** enrollment. Many families prefer to have access to a 5-day week spot in order to secure a place for their child and then attend as their schedule dictates.
  • Community members are offered one year contracts in the event that there are open spots available after June 30th. These spots are available to community members on a year to year basis depending on the Bowdoin employee demand.
  • While infant families will sign contracts during the enrollment period, an infant will not begin enrollment at the center until they are three months old. This is to protect them from the risk of exposure to illness early in their lives. Parents pay full tuition during the contract year even when their child is not old enough to begin care.
  • We recommend that you consider securing full-time as it is very hard to move to a full-time space from a part-time space once children are enrolled. With the limited attrition at the Center, spaces tend to stay filled for the full five year period.
  • Community members sign a one year contract for a space for their child. In the event that no Bowdoin families enroll by June 30th, the space will once again be available to that family for another year. However, if there is a Bowdoin family who needs a space, the community family will not be able to re-enroll.
  • *Full Time Enrollment is 5 days per week only
  • **Part Time Enrollment: The Infant, YT, and OT programs have one 3-day slot and one 2-day slot. The PS program has two 3-day and two 2-day slots. Because the two and three day slots compliment each other, we suggest that 3-day slots could be: M,W,F; M,T,W; T,Th,F; or M,T, Th and 2-day slots could be: T,Th; Th,F

Sabbatical Policy

  • Faculty who are planning for sabbatical leave may withdraw their child from the Center for up to one year and return to their spot.
  • Parents must notify the director by February of the enrollment year so that there is six months notice.
  • Parents will complete a sabbatical contract and pay 25% of their monthly tuition each month to hold their slot. Children may return for the summer if a spot is available for them.
  • Each Bowdoin family in the Center is able to use this benefit regardless of their affiliation to the College. Community members are not offered this benefit.

Financial Considerations

  • Tuition Obligation: Parents agree to pay the Children's Center tuition fees each month during the enrollment period. The tuition payments must be paid via payroll deduction when child is of a Bowdoin employee family. Payroll deductions will occur on the last day of the month, beginning with the first month-end subsequent to the start date of the enrollment period.
  • Tax Credit: BCCC is a level 4 on the the state of Maine's Quality Rating System. This offers parents the ability to claim a double tax credit. You can find this number on the website in the parent portal.
  • Sibling Discount: If siblings of children enroll for full-time care in any of the programs, a 10% rate reduction will be applied to the lower fee. This reduction is available to participating Bowdoin employees only.
  • Summer Enrollment: Bowdoin employees may choose to enroll their child for a 10 month year (August to June) or a 12 month year (August to August). The 10 month contract is retained by paying 25% of the monthly tuition fee for the 2 summer months.

Employee Discount Program

  • To allow for employees at all salary levels to utilize the Center, a discounted rate will be reviewed annually for a limited number of full-time* child openings, based on need and availability of openings.
  • Parents who want to be considered for a discount may send their tax returns to Leyza Toste in Human Resources by April 30th for the following enrollment year.
  • Parents who are re-enrolling and want to receive a discount for another year must submit their tax returns for consideration by April 30th. Parents do not roll over from one year to the next without the appropriate materials submitted on time.