Younger Toddlers: Overview

Young toddlers are moving in their environments and celebrating their new skills of climbing, walking, running, and standing.  In this program we design their play opportunities to build from those in the infant room so there are beautiful handmade climbing boxes, structures, and ramps to challenge and develop these blossoming skills.  As young toddlers meet their physical successes they become adept at carrying and lifting, pushing and pulling objects through space.  In these cases, we have weighted and heavy objects to offer resistance and heft to their movements as they build strength, endurance, and interest. Outside play occurs daily for upward of three hours in all kinds of weather.  This affords the young child opportunities to experience their world as it changes in weather.

The intentional and deliberate relationships of the young toddler program help them enter a graceful dance with their primary educator adult as they look for proximity, predictable rhythmic routines, and consistent expectations.  Our children are offered individual schedules, responsive care, and attention to their needs for dependence in the context of the group. The purposeful and simple environment we create avoids flooding the children with an overabundance of decisions and stimuli.  Instead, we rely on the outside environment for hours of daily play in all weather and the inside space to extend the close and intimate investigations.