Younger Toddlers: Overview


Young toddlers are moving in their environments and celebrating their new skills of climbing, walking, running, and standing.  In this program we design their play opportunities to build from those in the infant room so there are beautiful handmade climbing boxes, structures, and ramps to challenge and develop these blossoming skills.  As young toddlers meet their physical successes they become adept at carrying and lifting, pushing and pulling objects through space.  In these cases, we have weighted and heavy objects to offer resistance and heft to their movements as they build strength, endurance, and interest. Outside play occurs daily for upward of three hours in all kinds of weather.  This affords the young child opportunities to experience their world as it changes in weather.

Relationships continue to be the central focus of the young toddler program as children continue to deepen their relationships with educators from their infant program year and meet new faces in the young toddler program.  The same commitment to individualized schedules, transitions to nap, feeding, and diapering continue in the young toddler program with a primary educator being critical to securely connected relationships.  Now in these relationships we see a simple circle time emerge spontaneously in the day as children gather around their familiar adults to sing, dance, and learn rhymes.

The young toddler program is home to nine young toddlers (who will celebrate their second birthday after October of that year), and four educators who continue to hold two or three primary relationships. The continuity of care model will move this group with some of the educators to the older toddler room for the next year.