Younger Toddlers: Overview


The young toddler classroom is a large space set up with wooden fixtures and many low windows letting in natural light. There is a clearly defined cubby space for parents and children to store belongings and this space can be gated off or open to the children. There is a space in the classroom with hard floors which is set up with low tables for table top explorations and meal times. The play spaces are sectioned off with scaping or defined with furnishings. The bathroom and diaper changing area are closed off to the rest of the room to promote intimate bonding times for educators and children during this time.

There are 9 young toddlers in the room each day with a team of 4 educators. The children range in age from 12-24 months at the beginning of the school year.  The co-lead educators have 4-5 primary children and the educators support these relationships. Much emphasis is on these primary relationships as well as the child’s freedom to move. This is also a time when children are moving from their own rhythm and schedule to that of a group. Individual rhythms around eating and sleeping are supported for as long as the child needs or until they are naturally ready to join the group.