Young Toddlers - Schedule

Arrival & Exploration (7:45-9:15)

There are activities set out in the room and on the table tops. The materials and structures available are responsive to children's interests.

Snack (9:15-9:35)

Children Wash their hands and family style snack is offered to children with educators at the table.

Diapers (9:35-10:00)

Diapers are checked and changed according to children's individual schedules. Diapers are changed by primary educators and then they prepare to go outside for  time on the play yard.

Morning Naps (10:00am)

For children who still have the need, a morning nap can be offered at this time while the other children are outside on the play yard.

Lunch (11:15)

Transition to Rest

Children finish their lunch , brush their teeth, and have their diapers changed. Children can play quietly and an educator reads stories during this time. Each child gets read to before going down for a rest.

Rest Time (12:30-2:30/3:00)

Educators lie with children as they show signs of being ready to sleep. All the educators sing and hum a nap time song list to signal that it is time to sleep. For children who took a morning nap, they go out on the play yard or for a campus walk at this time.

Afternoon Buggy Ride (2:30-3:30)

Children who are awake, have a diaper change as they get up and then they get ready to go for a campus walk in our buggy. Children who are still sleeping can stay behind with an educator as well as children who may need to prepare for an afternoon nap. children who wake later or need an afternoon nap, play on the play yard instead of doing a buggy walk. 

Snack (3:30)

Family style snack is served. All children are encouraged to come to the table and sit with the educators and their friends.

End of Day Diapers (4:00-4:30)

According to children's individual schedules diapers are changed by their primary caregivers.

Indoor Play (3:30-5:00)

While individual needs are being met by primary caregivers, the room is open to explore for all children. This is often a time that the educators will sing songs, do fingerplays or play games with the children.

Quiet Activities & Departure

The educators work hard to set a calm mood for the end of the day. They read books, cuddle and engage children in clean up jobs to prepare them for their transition home. As parents arrive they are greeted by an educator, have a moment to catch up on the day and start their transition home.