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Pre-School: Overview

The preschool program is designed to prepare children for the world by offering them opportunities for persistence, determination, problem solving, frustration, discouragement, collaboration, and success. Through play, children meet with these experiences as they delve into the natural world.  The preschool educators build a curriculum that is rich in routines so children can anticipate the predictable and consistent sequence to the day.  The daily schedule is formed around small and large group moments.  Beginning with outside play in small groups and cooking together children find the day to unfold naturally.  Gathering in a group before snack to have songs marks the next part of the day and children easily find their way outside on a walk or into deeper play. Materials that support STEM are offered to children daily both inside and outside. Children use the data they collected, use observations to inform their questions, and use and develop models to understand their world.  Literacy is embedded in their lives as well and is evident through questions they ask, stories they read, daily puppet shows, and songs and rhymes they learn. Throughout the day the focus on community is evident with collaboration making snack, building with blocks, eating meals, doing chores, and helping each other.  Children move to kindergarten easily from the preschool program.