Pre-School: Overview


Children in the preschool program rejoice in their investigations and the magic of their world.  They find mysteries in the gardens they dig, the fairy houses they create, and the structures they build.  Exploring in nature brings them problems to solve, experiences to pursue, and invitations to discover their imaginations. Through play children are exposed to literacy, math, and science skills.  The heart of the literacy curriculum is stories told, retold, and acted out.  Blocks, large building materials, and natural objects are offered for the dynamic constructions that are the foundation of our math curriculum.  The daily cooking projects and explorations in the natural world shape the science curriculum.  We take advantage of the resources on the Bowdoin campus by working with the Arctic Museum, the Art Museum, attending dance, theater, and music events, as well as enjoying Bowdoin students in our Center.

Relationships are the core of our social curriculum.  Children continue with primary educator relationships and find themselves taking walks, enjoying snacks, getting dressed, and napping with their presence.  While children engage with each other we see the focal point continue to be the adult and so we offer strong, consistent, and nurturing staff to work with the preschool program.

The preschool program offers care to eighteen children (who will celebrate their third, fourth and fifth birthdays prior to October of that year).