Pre-School - Daily Rhythm

Arrival & Drop Off Outdoors

The classroom is open as a quiet space for parents and children to use as a part of their drop off routine. All children will join the group out on the play yard for morning play outdoors.

Morning Circle

A brief welcome circle for children to start their day as a group and transition indoors to snack time.

Snack Time

Outdoor Play or Walking Trip

Most days the group will go out for a walking trip on campus. The weekly curriculum plan will include the destination for these trips. During the beginning of the year or when the children will benefit from staying on the yard or when the weather is poor the group may stay on the play yard for this time.

Group Story Time



Rest time starts with an oral story told to children who are resting on their mats. All children rest for about an hour. Around 2:00pm children who are awake will transition to quiet play either in or out of the room.

Wake Up Routine

As children awake they may get off their mats at their own pace, this time may include spending some one on one time with an educator. When they are ready they have a wake up routine. They clean up their nap space, use the bathroom, brush their teeth and wash their face before moving on to snack.


Outdoor Play

This outdoor time is spent on our play yard exploring the various outdoor activities and materials for the week.

Afternoon Indoor Play

Afternoon Loft Circle

The group ends their day together as a group in the loft. During this circle time, the children sing songs, participate in finger plays and read a story. As parents arrive to pick up during this time, they will be greeted by an educator in the cubby area and the child will be called down from the loft.

Tidy Up Jobs & Departure

After the loft circle the children come down and help close the room by helping with some special end of day tasks such as emptying water bottles, dusting, washing tables with warm bubbles or folding laundry.