Pre-School - Schedule

Arrival and Choice Time

This time of day is roughly from 7:45-9:45. The children are arriving with their families, getting settled for the day and saying good bye. The room is open and choices are available on the tables. There will also be an outside choice from 8:45-9:45.


Snack is prepped with the children and is often a part of one of the table top choices. Cooking may begin with the children around 8:45 and then snack is offered as a choice from 9:15-9:45. Children can choose to come to the table and serve themselves, choosing which items they want and how much. Other children may just join friends at the table to socialize.

Clean Up Routine

The educators and children clean up the room together. There are jobs associated with different parts of the room and educators will lead this routine each day. Some children will also help with getting the lunch tables ready.

Group Time

Group time follows clean up time and can include songs, finger plays, storytelling, movement activities and games. Children can choose to join the group or have other choices if they don’t want to be with the group at that time.

Transition Outdoors

After group time the children get ready to transition outside. This is a time when children use the bathroom, put their lunchbox on their chair for lunch and get their gear on for outside.

Outdoor Exploration

The group goes outside every morning for at least an hour (weather permitting). Most mornings there is a destination that children walk to and explore and some mornings this may be on the play yard. The walking trips will be consistently planned each week.

Transition Indoors

When the group returns to indoors, the children will take off any gear they need to including the shoes they were wearing outside. Some children will help to finish lunch set up while the rest of the group will have quiet book time on the circle rug.


Transition to Rest

When children are done eating they will clean up their lunch spaces, set up their mat/napping space and then use the bathroom. The educators will help with these three jobs as children need. There are quiet activities or books available until rest time officially starts.

Rest Time

Although not all children sleep there is a rest time from 1:00-2:00 everyday. The educators help to set the mood by turning off lights and reading aloud to children to start rest time. At 2:00 the children who are awake and not sleeping can begin quiet activities on their mats, some of them may also help to prepare afternoon snack. When children get up they brush their teeth, use the bathroom and put away their sleep things.

Snack Time

Afternoon snack is offered from 2:30-3:15. Children who are awake can have snack if they choose and then get ready to go outside. Due to children sleeping for different amounts of time, this process will happen at a staggered rate.

Play Yard Time

All of the children are outside by 3:15 for outdoor play on the preschool play yard. Weather permitting the children have another hour outside to explore the choices on our play yard.

Transition Indoors by 4:15

The whole group comes in by 4:15 or earlier during the dark winter months. They can remove shoes and other gear and then move into afternoon choice play in the classroom. There are 1-2 extra choices that the educators put out for the children’s exploration and the whole room is open for free play.

Clean Up at 5:00

The clean up routine happens again at 5pm to get the room ready to go home.

Story Time and Departure

By 5:00 parents are starting to arrive to pick up their children. After the room is clean, the children who are still with us will join on the rug for story time until all the children have left for the day.