Preschool - Daily Rhythm

Arrival & Drop Off Outdoors

Families can use the classroom as a quiet place for a drop off routine which includes using the bathroom, washing hands and perhaps a quiet story or snuggle with a parent. All children will join the group out on the play yard for morning play outdoors when they are ready to say good bye.

Cooking Project

During the morning play outside a small group of children will join an educator inside to cook snack.  At times the group of primary children will cook with their educator and at other times it will be a group of self-selected children. Other indoor chores such as setting the table and preparing the napkins/rings are done with children at this time as well.

Morning Seasonal Circle

A welcome circle for children to start their day as a group will occur outside in the warmer weather and indoors for the coldest winter months. This time is marked by a verse, song, and some movement activity.  Children will move inside to snack from circle.

Snack Time

Children will eat at the table with their primary educator and have a “small meal” so that they are full and able to play through the morning. When children are done with snack they will leave the table with their group after cleaning up their space.  They will use the bathroom before returning outdoors for the remaining part of the morning.

Outdoor Play and Walking Trips

Most days the larger group will divide into their smaller groups and some will go for a walk nearby, some will use the art room and others will engage more deeply on the play yard.  The weekly curriculum plan will indicate the team’s plans for the walks, art room and play yard play. During the beginning of the year, the children will be in their primary group so that they feel sure on their walk with their primary. When groups go on walks, a small group will remain in the play yard in order to have access to that space without as many children.  On days when the whole group of children will benefit from staying on the yard or when the weather is poor the group may stay on the play yard.


Children will come in from their outdoor play with their primary educator and prepare for lunch: changing out of the outside clothes, washing hands, and toileting as needed.  Lunches are unpacked and ready for the children to sit together at their table and enjoy a relaxed meal.  We encourage social interactions during this time to develop a cohesive group and strengthen children’s language. After lunch children will place their dishes in the wash bin, put the lunchboxes in their cubbies, toilet, brush their teeth, and place their shoes in the cubbies.  Their nap mats are prepared for them so they can see where they will rest and predict what is coming next in their day.  They make their way to the big rug and in small groups of two or three children use materials for fine motor play.  This transition time will end when all children are through the toileting process.

Group Storytelling

Storytelling happens in the quiet of the room after lunch is done and the transition is complete.  As children are fed and tired they are happily resting on the rug for a “puppet show/story”.  Each story is introduced in the narrative form without any props for the first week.  As the children learn the story, the educator will add props and tell the story over the following week. The repetition builds word recognition, sequencing skills, memorization, and deepens their imagination. By the third week, children are participating in telling the story.


All children are offered two hours of rest time on their mats.  They sleep in the same spot each day so that they are familiar with this routine.  When they wake between 2:30 – 3:00 they prepare for the afternoon.

Wake Up Routine

As children get up from their mats, they begin packing up their things, using the toilets, and readying themselves for snack at their own pace.   


Children sit with their primary group for snack and eat a filling and nutritious “small meal”.  This begins the transition to the rest of the afternoon.

Outdoor Play

Outdoor time is spent on our play yard exploring the various outdoor activities and materials for the week. The curriculum plan each week will include outdoor plans.  Some days may include small group walks for children who didn’t have a walk that morning.

Afternoon Circle

The group joins together for a story and songs to mark the end of outdoor play and the transition indoors.  This story will be the same one all week and will be noted on the curriculum plan.  

Inside Play                                                                                  

The afternoon is full of inside activities throughout the room.  Children are welcomed to use the loft for quiet activities, build with blocks, play in the housekeeping area, draw in journals or use playdough. This play allows for parents to arrive and for children to calmly transition home.

Tidy Up Jobs & Departure

The children who are here until the very end of the day help close the room by participating in some special end of day tasks such as emptying water bottles, dusting, washing tables with warm bubbles or folding laundry. These special jobs and the engagement with a teacher helps children wait for parents.  Educators will greet parents at the door so that their children can come to them and meet them in the cubby area.  This will help us maintain a calm and focused end of the day routine.