Preschool - Philosophy


This group houses the older children who use expressive language and conversation, storytelling, imaginative play, circle games, and puppetry woven together to offer strong language arts experiences as children begin to speak, gain competence and become socially engaged with others through language. We value rhythm and routine for this group. This is evident in our carefully planned daily schedule as well as routine projects throughout the curriculum plan. Curriculum is designed with the child’s interests and inquiries in mind. It focuses on the process the child moves through while exploring, manipulating and engaging with materials in the classroom. Seasonal projects also meet the older children’s interest and growing competence in the world. The room is designed for children to feel safe and comfortable while at the same time providing opportunities for autonomy, social groupings and free exploration. We believe the combination of the rhythm of the day, interest based curriculum, carefully designed space and strong bonds with educators allow the best possible environment for children to grow and learn.