Older Toddlers: Overview


The older toddler classroom is a carefully designed room. In the beginning of the year when the children are first entering the room and wanting to have full freedom of movement it is often designed as a larger open space to promote this movement. Later in the year the room is divided up into smaller play areas as the children’s play becomes more focused. There is hard floor area and carpeted area and large low windows to provide lots of natural light.

There are 9 older toddlers in this room each day with a team of 3 educators. The children range in age from 24-35 months as the beginning of the year. There is an emphasis on freedom of movement and gross/fine motor development as well as the child to child interactions. The children in this group are becoming more aware of each other and social play is becoming more complex. The educators support these interactions while continuing to keep the primary care relationship with an adult in focus. The group moves through the routine of the day together and that routine moves closer and closer to the preschool routine as the year goes on and this group prepares for the preschool room.