Older Toddlers: Overview


Bowdoin College Children’s Center offers a bridge from the toddler room to the preschool in this older toddler program.  Children spend a year with many familiar educators in a program that is designed to continue to support the young child’s development with diapering, toilet learning, dressing for outside play, eating, and going to rest.  These primary relationships continue to be a focus so that the child continues to feel sure and secure in their daily life in the program while offered the freedom to play creatively and imaginatively inside and outside.  Daily routines now become part of the form of the curriculum as children help prepare snack daily, care for the room, garden, and tend to the outside play space.

The curriculum builds strong themes in pre-literacy and math/sciences which can be seen in the story telling, puppet shows, block play, and use of natural materials in the program.  Routine, rhythm, repetition, and familiarity are all the important aspects of a strong toddler curriculum.  Children will appear to be working with similar items over a period of time.  This builds their ability to persist, meet frustration, and problem solve as they bring new perspectives and interest to their play.

The older toddler program offers care to nine children (who will celebrate their third birthday after October of that year).  Children are cared for by their primary educators using the continuity of care model that is emerging in our program.