Older Toddlers: Schedule

Arrival and Outdoor Exploration

During this time children enter the room with their parents and drop their things off in their cubby. Parents and children come outside when finished where the educators are waiting for them. They can explore the outdoors freely and when they are ready they can say good bye to their parents at the playground gate.

Transition Indoors

The group comes inside at 8:45. They come in, take off any outdoor gear. Children can choose to help with snack prep or choose to be with an educator on the rug.

Group Time (8:45/9:00)

A group gathering takes place that children can choose to come to or they can play near the group. The children leave group to wash their hands and prepare for snack.

Snack (9:15/9:30)

Snack is served around 9:15/9:30.

Indoor Exploration and Group Time

When children are done with snack they wash their hands and then can move into the rest of the room for free play. Children will take a turn having a diaper change or using the bathroom during this time.

Outdoor Time

The group goes back outside around 10:45/11:00. This time often includes a short walking trip around campus.

Lunch (11:30/11:45)

Around 11:30 the group transitions indoors to take outdoor gear off, hand washing and then lunch. Lunches are set up and ready for them when they come in so they can go right to the table and start eating.

Pre-Rest Transition

This transition is a time set aside for children to get ready to rest. Some children who are ready to go straight to their mats will clean up lunch, use the bathroom/have a diaper change, brush their teeth, have a story read to them and then be able to begin resting. Other children may need more time during this transition and will spend some time playing quietly on their mats, reading and exploring books with other children, cuddling with educators as well as doing the bathroom and teeth brushing jobs.

Rest Time

Some children will sleep for anywhere from 1-2 hours while other children rest quietly on their mat or attempt to sleep with an educator. For those who don’t sleep educators will work to provide a restful experience for the child.

Snack (2:30/3:00)

As children wake they can get up from their mats at their own pace, use the bathroom or have a diaper change and move into quiet activities. Around 2:30 snack is available for children who are awake and then others can join the table as they wake up.

Transition & Outdoors

When children are done with snack they can clean up their rest time things or engage with materials that are open in the room. As soon as there are 4-5 children who are done eating, the group can get ready to go outside and go out with one educator. The other children will come out as they finish snack and are ready. The group will be outside all together by 3:15

Indoor Play and Departure

By 4:30 (or by dark in the winter months) the group comes back inside for the end of the day. Children are offered a drink of water and use the bathroom or have a diaper change. As they wait for their parents to arrive they engage in quiet play in the room individually, in small groups or the whole group together may hear stories together.