Older Toddlers: Daily Rhythm

Arrival & Drop Off Outdoors

The classroom is a quiet space for parents and children to use during their drop off routine. All children will join the group out on the play yard for morning play outdoors.

Outdoor Play & Exploration on the Play Yard

Snack Time (outdoors when weather permits)

Transition Moment

When children are done with snack they will begin their transition indoors. When they come into the room they will remove outdoor clothes, use the bathroom/have diaper change and wash their hands.

Room Play

After transitioning into the room, all of the room will be open for play and exploration. The deck will be open as an extension of the classroom as well.

Play Yard / Woods Walk

The group will head back outdoors for a short walk through the play yard, the woods next to the center or the grassy area across the street.


Book and Story Time

The children will gather together after lunch to look at books and be read to by educators. During this time they will take a turn using the bathroom/having a diaper change, brushing their teeth and readying themselves for rest.


Wake Up Routine

As children awake they may get off their mats at their own pace, this time may include spending some one on one time with an educator. When they are ready they have a wake up routine. They clean up their nap space, use the bathroom, brush their teeth and wash their face before moving on to snack.


Outdoor Play

When children are done with snack they get ready to go outside. This outdoor time is spent on our play yard exploring the various outdoor activities and materials for the week. The curriculum plan each week will include outdoor plans.

Afternoon Room Play

Story Time & Departure

At 5:00 the educators will start to tidy the room with the children’s help. After the room is picked up the educators and children will engage in story time and finger plays while parents are arriving.