Older Toddlers - Philosophy

At the Bowdoin College Children’s Center, we understand that there are two interwoven paths that lead to children’s learning through play.  One path is the creation of a rich, landscape that fosters a nurturing world where the healthy development of attachment and emotion can thrive. We strive to create a haven where children can trust, predict, and experience security.  With this solid emotional foundation, they play and so they learn.  We protect their play and learning from the circumstances and obstacles of group care that can be distracting; and thus, minimize the impact of group care on children’s learning.

The other path is the engaging environment where substantive and deep play offers cognitive growth and social development.  When young children play, they refine motor skills, explore the physical properties of objects, learn cause and effect, and engage in means-end problem solving.  We intentionally offer materials that deserve children’s attention, investigation, and exploration while we protect children’s play from interruption by offering a quiet adult-presence.