Older Toddlers - Philosophy


Our caregivers provide a variety of activities based on the children’s interests, questions asked and learning style. We emphasize learning and creativity through concrete, hands-on learning opportunities, as well as through songs, finger plays, movement activities and manipulatives. We use a series of activities to emphasize emerging motor development and simple direction following. As the children ask questions and show interest in the world around them, multiple opportunities are given in order to allow the children to study and practice their new knowledge. Special attention is given to each child’s level of development, with recognition of his/her individuality. We consider active involvement of the children in all phases of their growth and learning essential to the quality of their overall experience at the Center. Children are encouraged to make their own decisions (etc. choosing which area of the classroom in which to play, deciding on how to do an activity) and problem solving when appropriate. In the Older Toddler program, the children all follow the same routine, affording many chances to work on their blossoming social development.